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Old Shed Removal Tampa, FL

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Old Shed Removal Tampa, FL

If you have an old shed in your backyard that’s seen better days, then it might be time to invest in Trash Wizard’s shed removal services.  At Trash Wizard, we specialize in the safe and efficient removal of old sheds, so that you can reclaim your space. We understand that dealing with an old shed can be a hassle, which is why we offer our services at an affordable price.

Sheds are great for extra storage space, but what do you do when your shed is old and no longer usable? You can’t just leave it there to rot! Let’s explore the process of an old shed removal in Tampa, FL. We’ll cover the basics of what you need to do to get rid of your old shed, from contacting the professionals at Trash Wizard to the demo of your old shed and hauling it away. By the end of this page, you should have a good understanding of how to get rid of an old shed in Tampa, FL.

Why Remove an Old Shed?

There are many reasons why you might want to remove an old shed from your property. Maybe it’s been sitting empty and unused for years, or maybe it’s in disrepair and falling apart. Either way, removing an old shed can be a big project.

Here are some things to consider before you start:

1. Cost – Removing an old shed can be expensive, especially if it’s large or in disrepair.  With Trash Wizard, we’ll be able to provide you with clear, transparent pricing based on the size of your old shed.

2. Disposal – Once the shed is taken down, our licensed and insured staff will do all of the heavy lifting for you. We use local transfer stations to properly dispose of your old shed and its contents.

3. Impact on your property – Removing an old shed will likely leave a hole or depression in the ground where it once stood. You may need to fill this in or level it off before you can use that area of your property again.

4. Removal Time  – Removing an old shed is not a quick project. It may take anywhere from a few hours, to a few days to complete, depending on the size and condition of the shed.  It’s best to contact Trash Wizard for transparent pricing and a clear time frame to complete your shed removal.

When to Remove an Old Shed

When you’re ready to get rid of that old shed, there are a few things to look for. First, check to see if the foundation is rotted.  If you see signs of your shed leaning there’s a good chance it needs to be removed.  Second, take a look at the roof.  If it’s sagging or leaking that’s a good indication it’s time to get your shed removed.  If your shed is in disrepair, it’s time to call the professionals at Trash Wizard to get it hauled away.

Trash Wizard Old Shed Removal Tampa FL

How to Remove an Old Shed

If your old shed is taking up valuable space in your yard, it may be time to remove it.  A shed removal can be a daunting task, but with help from a professional, it can be done easily.

At Trash Wizard we have trained staff and the necessary tools to remove your old shed.  Armed with reciprocating saws, pry bars, and sledgehammers our staff will safely disassemble your old shed.

Upon arrival, our staff will start by removing any doors or windows, then we start taking off the roof.  Once the windows, doors, and roof are removed we safely take down the walls and flooring.  Then we haul it off so you can enjoy your yard and reclaimed space!

Dispose of an Old Shed

If you have an old shed on your property that you no longer need or want, you may be wondering how to dispose of it. The good news is that there are a few different options for old shed removal in Tampa, FL.

One option is to simply hire Trash Wizard!  As a company that specializes in shed removal, this is the easiest option.  We take care of everything from disassembling the shed to hauling it away.

If you want, you can also disassemble the shed and then dispose of the materials yourself.  This isn’t the easiest option and can be very time-consuming.  You’ll need the proper tools, a truck, and a helper to remove your shed safely.

Looking to make some money off your used shed?  You may be able to sell it on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Tampa, FL Shed Removal Services

If you’re in Tampa, FL, and are in need of shed removal services, you’ve come to the right place. At Trash Wizard, we specialize in shed removal and disposal. We’ll come to your home or business and remove your old shed quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to shed removal, we know what we’re doing.  Since 2009, we’ve completed over 10,000 jobs! Our staff has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. We’ll remove and dispose of your old shed safely.

If you need shed removal services in Tampa, FL, contact us today for a FREE Estimate and learn more about how we can help you get rid of your old shed.