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How to remove and dispose your old Gazebo and Pergola in 2022

If you’re about to embark on a gazebo or pergola removal mission, then we’ve got the lowdown on how to successfully take down the structure in no time. Don’t be daunted by our simple guide, gazebo/pergola disposal will be a piece of cake! This guide will provide you with information about DIY removal and also about removing and disposing of your gazebo and pergola by professionals.

Old Gazebo Removal

If you’re ready to do the gazebo removal yourself. These are the points you need to take care of while removing your old gazebo.

1. Safety first! Before you begin, make sure to follow safety practices and wear protective clothing like gloves, goggles, and a hard hat.

2. Take apart the gazebo one piece at a time, starting with the roof and then the beams, walls, and flooring.

3. Dispose of the gazebo’s pieces in the appropriate trash and recycling bins.

4. If the gazebo is still in good condition, you can donate it to a local charity.


Old Pergola Removal

These are the steps you need to follow while removing the pergola yourself!

1. Safety first! Before you begin, take safety measures and wear protective clothing like gloves, goggles, and a hard hat.

2. Unscrew the pergola’s posts from their anchors in the ground, peeling away any weeds or dirt that may have grown around them.

3. Disassemble the pergola’s beams and rafters one piece at a time, and store them safely in a garage or shed.

4. If the pergola is still in good condition, you can donate it to a local charity or thrift store.

Whether you’ve just decided gazebos and pergolas have had their run in your yard or are making room for a new addition, gazebo and pergola removal is not as difficult as it may seem. Once you’ve followed the steps above, the gazebo/pergola disposal will be in the bag! Now go forth, gazebo-removing heroes—it’s going to be a breeze.


Difference between Gazebo and Pergola

The main difference between gazebos and pergolas is their use. Gazebos are often large, enclosed structures used for entertaining or relaxing, while a pergola is typically an open-air structure with beams or columns supporting climbing plants. Another way to distinguish between the two is by looking at their shape: gazebos usually have a rounded top and pergolas are usually rectangular or oval. Finally, gazebos often have a solid roof and pergolas usually don’t.


Tools needed for Gazebo and Pergola Removal

Now that you know the basics of gazebo and pergola removal, it’s time to gather your tools. You’ll need a few key items:

– Work gloves

– Safety goggles

– Extension cords

– Power drill with bits

– Hammer & nails

– Crowbar or pry bar

– Ladder

– Reciprocating saw with blades

– Tools to remove screws and bolts (screwdriver, wrench, pliers)

– A tarp or heavy blanket for debris collection/disposal.

With these tools in hand, you’re well on your way to a successful gazebo or pergola removal.

Gazebo Removal Cost

The cost of gazebo removal is dependent on the size of the gazebo, how difficult it is to take down, and other factors. If you’re looking to hire a professional gazebo removal team, prices can range from anywhere between $100 – $500+.

If you’re feeling up for a DIY gazebo removal project, you can save some money by buying the tools and materials necessary to disassemble and dispose of the gazebo yourself. Whether you go for professional gazebo removal help or decide to take on the project solo, we’re confident that your gazebo will be gone in no time.

Also, you can have a FREE Estimate by sending us pictures of your junk.

Pergola Removal Cost

Similar to gazebo removal, the cost of pergola removal varies from project to project. Pergolas are usually larger and more complex than gazebos, so if you’re looking for professional help then you should expect to pay somewhere between $200 – $1000+.

If you’d rather do it yourself, you can purchase the tools and materials needed for pergola dismantling and disposal. Pergola removal cost in this case is generally quite low – though you should factor in the cost of any extra help you may need, like an assistant to hold up long beams or rafters while you unscrew them.

No matter which option you choose, we wish you luck with your pergola removal project. Hopefully, the process will be smooth sailing, and the results worth it!

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